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Welcome to Backroad Kitchen!  My name is Devonay and  I’m a 49+ Mom of a 22 year old daughter.  We recently moved back to town after living in the country again… when  I started this blog (per the request of my many facebook followers as a way to keep recipes in an easy to access place) we were living in the country again.  I’m hoping (as I’m sure my daughter is too) that writing this blog again will inspire me to do more cooking.

What will you find here?  Easy, down-home cooking.  I grew up with a picky Dad who refused to eat a lot of “different” foods.  We normally had meat, potatoes, two vegetables, bread and butter and sweet tea for Supper.  And if the meat was fried, there was ALWAYS gravy.  My beautiful Mom went back to work full-time when I was 16 and I was put in charge of dinners on work nights.  I learned how to cook from her and by the time I went college, I learned quickly that  good cooking can definitely impress a man! Lol

We lost Mom in 2006 and since then, all meals have been judged on how closely it tastes “like Mom’s”.  The highest compliment from my Dad…  and this blog is dedicated to them.  I learned from Mom and continue to learn from my Dad, who has become both parents for us.  I’ve been incredibly blessed with an amazing family.

There may not be a lot of original recipes, but many family favorites and some new favorites too.  I hope you enjoy the recipes offered here.

 I’m so glad you’re here!  Join us often for lots of fun stuff!!!

P.S. To print my recipes for your personal use, click on the recipe name and scroll to the end of the recipe to get to the “print” icon below.

I need to add, this blog, along with most everything great going on in my life right now, would not be possible if not for my amazing work from home (or anywhere) job!  If you’re interested in working from home and living your dream, feel free to contact me!  And you can visit my website here:  http://teamdevonay.DiscoverSBC.com



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