Sad News For Mabel

Sad Wallpaper_3


First, let me apologize for my long absence.  It has been a crazy busy Summer!  Now, for the sad news… Mabel is no more.  Unfortunately, she was parked at the mechanic’s garage and I had not checked on her.  The mechanic knew, but failed to tell me that she developed a terrible leak from the ceiling and it ruined the inside.  You could smell the mold as you walked up to her.  I was already unhappy with the mechanic for NEVER starting ANY work on the motor and then finding out the whole inside would have to be scrapped and remodeled was just too much!


By the time I would have replaced the engine and anything else mechanical and gutted and replaced the insides, I could buy a new or at least newer motorhome.  So, sadly, I made the decision to sell her for scrap.  Can you say OUCH?  I sold Mabel for 1/10 of the purchase price.  Now I’m back at square one with just a dream.

The good news?  I actually do have a few new recipes to share, so watch the blog this coming week!  I’ll be adding one or two and hope to be back on track.

I also have some info to share with you as I have joined the ranks of Canners everywhere!!  I’ll be doing a series of posts on my introduction to canning.  No, I did not have a garden, but I plan one next year.  This year, I’ll be starting with making meals in advance and canning meats.  The almanac is calling for a bad Winter, and I have no intention of braving the whipping winds, snow, sleet and icy roads.  I’m going to stock up and stay cozy inside!


I realize I’m all over the place with this post, but I just have so much to share!!  I’m really excited that The Pioneer Woman is going to be introducing her new line of kitchenware/dinnerware on September 1st!!  She has been posting sneak peaks on her facebook page… you should check it out!  I am loving it so far!  I’m crazy for color in the kitchen!



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