Meet Mabel


Some of you that follow me through facebook may already know about Mabel.  For those of you that don’t, I purchased Mabel last Summer.  I had come across the idea of “glamping” and after a brief search, I found her.  I had  been looking at Class C motorhomes online, just for research of course,… and when I saw the price, I had to have her.  Forward to the day of picking her up.  The inside was worse than I had previously expected.  However, I jumped in the driver’s seat and she started right up.  I tried to talk myself out of it.  I even looked at a few others for more money.


It’s one of my traits… once I get an idea in my head, I can’t let it go.  I signed the papers, wrote the check and headed out of that parking lot.  I discovered that the gas gauge was broken, so I drove to the gas station next door and filled it up.  We got back on the road again and onto the highway… me driving Mabel and my daughter and nephews following behind me.  I think we made it past one exit.  That’s when I noticed it was getting HOT inside the cab.  Then, Mabel started slowing down.  I pulled over to the shoulder and she died.  I was fortunate enough to have had a nice salesman… I’m pretty sure he knew this would happen.  He gave me his cell number before we left.  I called him and he graciously let me use his AAA membership to have her towed the 3 hours back home.  What a long night!



We finally got her back home and were able to park her in the store parking lot.  (My landlord rocks!)  After a few days of getting referrals, she was taken to an awesome mechanic.  He was nice enough to offer a spot at his shop to park her until we decided what needs to be done.  Just as I suspected, a new engine is in order.  I’m ok with that though, because I’ll be more secure taking her back out on the road.   I’m currently trying to put back a little money for repairs and once she’s up and running, I’m going to park her behind my house so I can start working on her interior.  It would be awesome if I can manage all this by mid-Spring!  I’d love to start planning our first trip!



I’m showing you these “before” pics of Mabel because this is going to be an ongoing feature at the Backroad Kitchen.  I’ll be posting when there are updates.  Once the mechanic is done, I’ll bring her home and take the before pics of the interior.  I am so excited to get started!!  I’ve been doing a lot of research online about remodeling old campers and life on the road.  At this time, I have no intention of living in Mabel full-time.  My plan is to take extended vacations.  I really don’t want to be too far from family, so the trips will be relatively short… probably a week or two at a time.  I’d love to hear from any of you that have taken on this sort of project and anyone who camps in an RV.  I’m also waiting for it to warm up a bit.  I’d love to see the Northeast and it’s a little cool for that right now.  Let me know about good campgrounds and any wonderful, little out of the way towns I need to see!


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  1. Terri Jackson says:

    THE LAST RESORT is a campground just outside of Nashville, Indiana that we like just for wknd. Girls get away and shopping in Nashville. Convenient & not expensive. You might take Mabel & ck. It out. 🙂

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