Hobo Dinner

I had this meal once at 4-H camp when I was a kid. It tasted sooo good and I’ve often thought I would make it as an adult. I’m fairly certain we only added salt and pepper to flavor ours and we cooked them outside. I don’t recall whether it was a grill or campfire, but it was delicious! I played in a my kitchen a little this evening and came up with something fairly close. The beauty of this is you can adjust the seasonings, or switch them out completely to suit your own taste!


ground beef (mine is extra yummy… comes from my Dad’s farm!)
(you can insert any vegetables here that you like!)
(I did not measure seasonings… it’s really a matter of personal taste)
seasoned salt
garlic salt
onion powder
salt & pepper
worcestershire sauce (I used Lea & Perrins)
(you could add cheese too, but I did not)

You will need aluminum foil to wrap the meal in to bake.

Another awesome thing about this is, you are making each packet as one serving, so you can customize each packet to your family/friend’s tastes. I’ll be making this for my daughter without meat.

Place hamburger patty to the left center in foil. Season with seasoned salt, pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, salt and pepper. Then add a dash of worcestershire sauce. Slice onion and put on burger (if you don’t want the onion flavor on your potatoes) I love onions, so I just mixed them with my potatoes. You can either slice the potatoes or make small cubes as I did. (Add any veggies.) Add salt & paper and a slab of butter (I don’t measure an exact amount).


Roll the foil and close tightly.


I baked mine in the oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. Just keep an eye on it because your oven may cook differently. If you’d like, you could also cook on the grill: lid on 10 minutes, lid off 10 minutes, lid on 10 minutes, lid off for 10 minutes
Take off and check – potatoes should be soft and meat cooked through.

If you add cheese, now is the time to sprinkle cheese on top and let melt (just use as much as you would like).


It was SO good that I had two helpings!

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  1. Bepsaida Richard says:

    I will try this. I love the way that you explain the recipe. Step by step instructions with pictures! It makes it easier to follow. Thanks for sharing! !!!!!

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